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Edit : Sorry, there is no web playable build because Wwise doesn't support WebGL and Reverberation isn't supported in WebGL as well. In order to preserve the great work of our sound designer, we decided to not publish the web build.

For a better experience, please consider using an Xbox controller.

In Kodama, you embody a little spirit of nature, trying to make his way through the Crystal Cave. Your spirit nature gives you 3 abilities to help you in your dreamlike journey.

When you decide to use a skill, the time slows down and you can select the desired direction :

- Light power : Kodama will turn himself into a light wave, allowing him to bounce on mirrors and dash. (Y on Xbox controller)

- Sound power : Kodama will turn himself into a sound wave, allowing him to bounce on walls and cross certain obstacles. (B on Xbox controller)

- Magnetic power : Kodama will launch a magnetic wave, allowing him to move certain objects and activate statues to open doors (X on Xbox controller)

-Jump (A on Xbox controller).

Game  / Level designer : Thomas Rodriguez

Graphic designer : Jeanne Prigent

Programmers : Jordan Bas, Vincent Stehly-Calisto (Aredhele)

Sound designer / composer : Raphaël Marchetti


Kodama.zip 86 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and launch the executable.

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